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Parent Portal

PowerSchool's Parent Portal provides real-time access for parents to their child's grades, attendance, assignments, and more. To access the PowerSchool Parent Portal, click the link below.



What will PowerSchool’s Parent Portal allow me to see from home?
PowerSchool's Parent Portal provides real-time access to parents for their child's grades, attendance, assignments, and more.
How do I request a login for PowerSchool’s Parent Portal?
Drop by the main office at BPS to complete the Parent Portal Access Form.  Be prepared to present a photo id to verify your identity.
What if I lose or forget my password?
If your password is lost or forgotten you can access the “having trouble signing in” link on the login page to have your information e-mailed to you.  The login information that is e-mailed to you, must be used with 30 minutes of the request, or you will need to submit a new request from the link
If I have students at multiple schools or multiple students at the same school, can I use the same login for each?
With PowerSchool’s Parent Portal Single Sign On, you will be able to access all BSD45 students with one username & password.
I don’t understand the grades that have been entered and I have questions. Who do I contact?
Contact your child’s teacher.
What if I want others to have access to my child’s grades (Grandparents, Aunt/Uncle)?
If you want others to have access to your child’s grades via PowerSchool’s Parent Portal, you will need to provide them with the students access id that was provided to you by the school. It will be the responsibility of each parent/guardian to distribute (or not distribute) this accessid as they see fit. Another option within the Parent Portal would be to set email notifications for multiple email addresses. These email notifications send recipients requested information such as current grades, detailed reports of assignments and scores, as well as attendance. To setup email notifications, see the “Email Notification” section of the Parent Portal User Guide. 
Note: When adding multiple email address in the Email Notification section of Parent Portal, make sure they are separated by a comma and no trailing space.