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Principal's Message

Welcome to our new website!

 Barnwell Primary School has lots of new and exciting things planned for the 2016-17 school year.  Our goal will be to make learning "groovier" than ever!  Please return to our website often to learn more about what's happening at Barnwell Primary School!

We strive to provide a quality education that meets the needs of each individual child. We offer a challenging curriculum taught by a caring and talented staff. It is our goal to help each child realize their academic potential and instill a sense of civic responsibility within each child. It is important to us that we ensure our students give back to the community. We focus on academic success, involvement in the arts and fostering compassion in a well-disciplined, structured environment.

My goal is to ensure that your child has a teacher with a passion for teaching and a heart for working with children while being highly knowledgeable about the education of children. I believe that all children need to be provided a classroom where they feel safe and their ideas are valued. We want to meet your child’s academic, social, emotional and physical needs.

I expect my staff to work cooperatively with parents, so your child can reach their full potential. We offer many events during the school year to create a way for parents and community members to become involved. We encourage your involvement in our school. We are partners in the education of your child.

Your principal,

Donna Selvey

Around Campus

Upcoming Events

  • Media Center

    Fall Book Fair

    Barnwell Primary School
  • Fall Book Fair

    Barnwell Primary School
  • Conference Room

    School Improvement Council Meeting

    Barnwell Primary School
  • McDonald's on Dunbarton Blvd.

    McTeacher's Night

    Barnwell Primary School
  • Fall Book Fair

    Barnwell Primary School
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